Rick has authored several books, many on the subjects he learned and lived in his military service abroad. (Links to Amazon)

Unseen War in Iraq: Insurgents in the Shadows – 2008

There is a war outside the wire and we fight it every day on patrol, but the enemy is among us. There is another war, inside the wire, that although fought in silence is no less important to your safety. In some ways it is even more important because a man with his guard down is more vulnerable than a soldier prepared to meet his enemy in battle. As a Senior Counterintelligence Agent in Iraq, this is what Dr. Richard Saccone warned during staff meetings with combat troops facing bullets every day. (see more)




Living With the Enemy: Inside North Korea – 2006

This book offers a quite unique look at a land that has both intrigued and puzzled outsiders for decades. Dr. Saccone lived and worked in North Korea studying their behavior while chronicling his fascinating experiences. Travel the country like few foreigners have and meet North Koreans on their terms. Finally we can learn how North Koreans live, think and act from a person who penetrated the facade presented to most foreigners. He has broken the code on this interesting but little understood culture.